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Renew Anti-Aging Facial Serum
Renew Anti-Aging Facial Serum

Renew Anti-Aging Facial Serum

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Renew is a completely natural, powerful, antioxidant rich facial serum. Formulated with a concentrated blend of anti aging ingredients and oils. These ingredients are proven to reduce fine lines, age and sun spots, improve texture and firmness along with brightening for a more youthful complexion. Renew is extremely hydrating, but never oily. Absorbs easily and wears well under makeup or by itself.

Renew contains these powerful anti aging ingredients:

Squalane Oil - has become very popular in the beauty industry for it's powerful anti-aging and antioxidant properties. It balances oil production, providing just enough moisture to keep the skin clear and healthy. Squalane oil also has powerful anti-aging properties and will help the skin age gracefully as well as anti-inflammatory benefits to help with skin conditions such as acne and eczema

Aloe Vera - Protects and heals the skin. Contains antioxidents and is highly anti-inflammatory, helps with acne and dry skin.

Vitamin C - Known for it's hugely beneficial antioxidant properties. Helps repair sun damage and promotes collagen production. Helps to firm, plump, tighten and smooth out fine lines and wrinkles.

Vitamin E - Antioxidant and rejuvenation of the skin.  Vitamin E  helps to block free radicals and replenish lipids, which slow down the skin aging process. Also helps reduce wrinkles and fine lines, and keep skin looking youthful

Rosehip oil -  is rich in essential fatty acids and antioxidants, which are integral for tissue and cell regeneration in the skin. Helps reduce blemishes and scarring. Extremely hydrating

Oat Kernel Oil - Used for its anti-inflammatory, moisturizing and soothing properties. Helps to smooth and hydrate, reducing fine lines and pores while moisturizing and hydrating the skin

Directions: Gently massage several drops onto cleansed face and neck twice daily. Can be used under makeup, or on it's own.

*This is a Vegan product